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  Today, the basic intent of our forefathers has become a part of history and lost in time. Our learned forefathers envisioned common citizens of the general population serving short terms then returning home to their previous status and allowing other citizens to assume the offices and they too serve for a short time.  It was never envisioned anyone making a career of political service.  With the Democrat and Republican parties dominating the politics of today and every elected official entrenched with a party voting the party line, representation of the common citizens in the geographic area of which elected them is reduced or totally eliminated. Wealth and the greed to acquire wealth is the dominant reason for these individuals to seek and hold as long as possible the elected offices. Furthermore, representation of the common citizen is drastically diminished in favor of political party and special interests.  In these times of political dysfunction it is necessary to change the dynamics of Congress by eliminating these undesirable politicians.  We the people must ban together and return government to the common citizens.  
  Join me in placing a common citizen as an elected representative of the citizens of Tennessee that is mandated to carryout the will of the people.    I being a common citizen seek your support and vote for the office of United States Senator representing the State of Tennessee.  I seek the office for one term and will consider a second term if prompted by sufficient support, but will not consider further service of more than two terms.  It will be an honor to serve the people of Tennessee and carry out the will of the people and properly represent them in government.  It is a huge undertaking to achieve such a task and requires the loyal support of many dedicated individuals, but it is not unreasonable to believe it can not be done.   

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We the people, the common citizens , of the United States of America are posed to take back control of our government.

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Your candidate has been part of this community for many years, working tirelessly as a member of law enforcement to make it a better place.

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As a member of the First Families of Tennessee and an ancestor of pre-revolutionary war settlers my roots are well established.  I am a common Tennessean not of wealth or fame.  I will faithfully represent the people of Tennessee and make the citizens of Tennessee my favored lobbyists over all others .  Together we will make our congress work for the people.

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Tennesseans have always been volunteers.  I am asking for volunteers to help establish this grassroots campaign throughout the state.  I have the right message and the willpower to carry it out.  With your help we can make wonderful things happen in the U.S. Senate.  Join our movement to put "we the people" back in charge of government.

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